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SOLIDWORKS Training in Noida Course Content

Solidworks Training in Noida

Solidworks Training in Noida
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CETPA Infotech Pvt Ltd is the No 1 training Company in Noida for SOLIDWORKS as well other latest technologies. CETPA provides real-time and placement oriented SOLIDWORKS course in Noida. CETPA’s SOLIDWORKS training course content is basically designed from basic to advanced levels. CETPA Noida is having best SOLIDWORKS Training infrastructure in the region. CETPA Noida and other branches have team of the best SOLIDWORKS Training experts who are working professionals with hands on real time SOLIDWORKS projects expertise, which provides CETPA an edge over other SOLIDWORKS training Institutes. CETPA Noida has basically designed the SOLIDWORKS training course content for the students as well as professionals to get the placement in major MNC companies as soon as they complete the SOLIDWORKS training course. SOLIDWORKS training in Noida imparted by CETPA Infotech is delivered on short term as well as long term basis. CETPA also imparts SOLIDWORKS training on Live Projects. CETPA Infotech is also an authorized training partner of Nuvotan- ARM Cortex, Microsoft, SOLIDWORKS, Panasonic and Autodesk.

CETPA Infotech is a training company which provides vocational training as well as SOLIDWORKS Training in Noida with emphasis on technical skills and knowledge for a particular job function. CETPA Infotech also provides internship opportunities to fresh graduates and those who want to pursue their career in development. CETPA Infotech provides vocational training in SOLIDWORKS design to help the student’s transition from academic learning to professional learning. CETPA Infotech is the best SOLIDWORKS training center in Noida which provides training in every domain of engineering. CETPA conduct corporate trainings and open house workshops on SOLIDWORKS for Engineering students and Professionals. The Curriculum of the SOLIDWORKS Trainings and Workshops in CETPA is set in such a manner that students and professionals can gain more experience in the field they choose. CETPA is expanding every day in terms of knowledge due to its expertise in the training field. This level of knowledge is surely shown in the SOLIDWORKS placement record of CETPA.



CETPA trained SOLIDWORKS students are placed in top notch companies & top universities globally. CETPA is an effective SOLIDWORKS training company in Noida because it provides the training in such a manner which is actually the need of the today industries. SOLIDWORKS training course by CETPA lays the foundation to start lucrative career in Noida and world. CETPA is one of the oldest SOLIDWORKS training companies in the market which makes us realize the requirement and need of the market. Many universities & CETPA Noida have joined hands together to meet the growing demand for trained manpower of SOLIDWORKS by providing extensive training on SOLIDWORKS. CETPA Infotech has been acting as a bridge to fulfill the gap between Academia and Industry. If student have extra time of learning then they can spend their time in well-equipped labs of CETPA. CETPA is the oldest and largest training company which provides SOLIDWORKS training and placement in Noida. CETPA completely focuses on providing powerful and practical training to enhance individual and group capabilities. CETPA also provides customized SOLIDWORKS training according to the need of the student and professionals. CETPA also provides high quality study material to every student to get the best approach.

CETPA also provides Summer & winter SOLIDWORKS training in Noida. CETPA also offers excellent placement and internship programs to every student. CETPA provides a number of career oriented courses for different segments like student, job seekers and professionals. CETPA is most trusted SOLIDWORKS training company in Noida in engineering domain. All branches of CETPA are well equipped with training and development facility and great infrastructure required for SOLIDWORKS training. CETPA trainers who provide SOLIDWORKS training in Noida have 5 to 15 years Industry experience. CETPA provides practical training as well as theoretical classes to clear the basic fundamental concept. CETPA provides exhaustive practice session to learn the concept effectively in Noida. CETPA encourages students to use the labs to gain better technical viability and experience. CETPA’s mission is to become most essential, respected and professional development company in Noida. SOLIDWORKS Training in Noida is provided by CETPA Infotech with best training facilities.

CETPA Infotech provides best SOLIDWORKS Training in Noida and acknowledged by no. of industry giants. CETPA is the No. 1 Training Company for SOLIDWORKS Training in Noida as well No. 1 Training provider since last decade. SOLIDWORKS Training Programs in Noida were introduced at CETPA since its inception. CETPA provides customized and tailor made SOLIDWORKS Training Solutions in Noida for students and industry professionals. CETPA provides live project based training for PTU, UPTU, UTU, RGPV, DU, MDU, KU and other state as well deemed universities across India.

CETPA deliver training via different modes in SOLIDWORKS like

• SOLIDWORKS online training
• SOLIDWORKS class room Training in Noida
• SOLIDWORKS Instructor led training in Noida
• SOLIDWORKS Company campus training
• SOLIDWORKS College campus training
• SOLIDWORKS Boot camp training
• SOLIDWORKS Vocational training in Noida
• SOLIDWORKS Industrial training in Noida
• SOLIDWORKS Project Based training in Noida
• SOLIDWORKS Corporate Training in Noida
• SOLIDWORKS Customized Training in Noida
• SOLIDWORKS Project Internship in Noida
• SOLIDWORKS Student and Professional Training in Noida
• SOLIDWORKS Live Project Training in Noida
• SOLIDWORKS Placement Oriented Training in Noida
• SOLIDWORKS Summer Training in Noida
• SOLIDWORKS Winter Training in Noida
• SOLIDWORKS Regular Training in Noida
• Best SOLIDWORKS Training in Noida
• SOLIDWORKS Summer Schools in Noida
• SOLIDWORKS stipend based training in Noida

Why SOLIDWORKS Training in Noida from CETPA Infotech:

• CETPA is ranked No. 1 Training Institute in Noida which provides training in SOLIDWORKS and other high end technologies.
• CETPA is having reputed and industry experienced best SOLIDWORKS experts.
• CETPA provided certification programs and partner to no of big corporate houses like Microsoft, SOLIDWORKS, Panasonic, Autodesk and more.
• CETPA provided industry oriented practical SOLIDWORKS Training.
• Students trained by CETPA in SOLIDWORKS are placed in reputed MNCs.
• CETPA is having well developed infrastructure and Labs for SOLIDWORKS Students
• CETPA provides hostel and PG facility for students in Noida.
• CETPA is registered by Ministry of Corporate Affairs and ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization.
• CETPA offers separate certificate for SOLIDWORKS projects on company letter head after completion of the training.
• CETPA provide SOLIDWORKS Training kit to all enrolled students in Noida and other branches
• CETPA provides 1 year membership card to all SOLIDWORKS and other technologies enrolled students.
• CETPA is a group of companies viz CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd. and CETPA Global Services Pvt. Ltd. Students trained by CETPA Infotech are provided opportunity to work on live projects undergoing at CETPA Development Cell of CETPA Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
• CETPA provides free of cost Personality Development and Apti Training to all 6 Months Training Students in Noida and other branches.
• Training provided by CETPA is considered as compulsory vocational, industrial, project based training as per university course curriculum.
• CETPA is the only training company in Noida, which provides online certificate verification facility on our website.
• CETPA Infotech Noida and other branches provide free web sub domain and web space to all interested students.

CETPA is the one spot destination for all aspiring students and professionals. You can find 100 other reasons to join CETPA. Call Us, Join CETPA and feel the difference.

Course Content


• Concept of Design
• History of Solidworks
• Modules in Solidworks
• Applications and Scope of Solidworks
• System requirement


• Creating Sketches
• Editing Sketches


• Part Designing
• Reference Geometry
• PlacedFeatures


• Assembly Mates
• Manipulation


• Layout
• Templates
• Detailing


• Convert Files Into IGES, STEP, PDF, & DWG. Etc.
• Export & Import Files
• Concept of Design


• Concept of Design


• Detailed Concept Of CAD
• Need & Importance Of CAD
• Overview About Actual Designing In Industries, Fundamentals Of Design And Its Implementation Methods
• All Characteristics Of Solidworks To User Friendly Atmosphere
• Superiority Of Solidworks With Its Use And Demand In Industries


• Introduction To Solidworks.
• System Requirements
• Starting Solidworks In Windows
• The Workbench Concept
• Workbenches In Solidworks
• Adjusting The Solidworks Interface
• Creating And Managing Workspace
• Graphic User Interface Of Solidworks
• Menu And Toolbars
• Opening Files
• Creating New Files
• Keyboard Shortcuts
• Selecting/Moving Objects With Mouse
• Working With Planes
• Properties Toolbar
• Changing The Properties
• Changing The Interface From 3d Modeling To 2d Sketching And Vice-Versa
• Uses & Description About Feature Manager Design Tree
• Working With Respect To Ucs.
• Setting Up The Document Options


• Getting Started With Sketch
• Creating Centerlines
• Constructing Lines


• Constructing Ellipse
• Constructing a Circle
• Constructing an Arc
• Creating Slots
• Creating Polygon
• Creating a Parabola
• Creating a Spline
• Equation Driven Curve
• Point
• Creating Text
• Creating Construction Geometry
• Rapid Sketch


• Sketch Fillet
• Sketch Chamfer
• Offsetting Entities
• Converting Entities
• Trim
• Extending Entities
• Jog
• Mirror
• Moving Sketch Entities
• Moving Sketch Entities
• Copying The Sketch Entities
• Rotating Sketch Entities
• Scaling Sketch Entities
• Stretching Sketch Entities
• Modify Sketch
• Close Sketch Of Model
• Sketch Picture
• Area Hatch / Fill
• Sketch Patterns
• Blocks
• Relations
• Automatic Relations
• Conflicts In Relations
• Dimensioning
• Dimension Property Manager
• Exiting The Sketch
• 3d Sketching


• Terminologies Used In Part Modeling Environment
• Entering The Part Module
• Choosing The Sketch Plane
• Extruding Boss / Base Features
• Revolving Boss / Base Features
• Creating Sweep Features
• Creating Loft Features
• Creating Cut Features
• Selecting Geometrics In Solid Works


• Reference Planes
• Creating New Planes
• Creating Reference Axes
• Creating Reference Points
• Creating Reference Coordinate Systems
• Editing Reference Geometries
• Creating Curves


• Creating Simple Holes
• Creating Standard Holes Using The Hole Wizard
• Creating Fillets
• Creating Chamfers.
• Creating Shell Features
• Creating Rib Feathers
• Creating Draft Feature
• Creating Pattern


• Types Of Assembly Design Approaches
• Working With Solid Works Assembly Bottom-Up Approach
• Positioning The Components In Assembly
• Assembly Mates
• Standard Mates
• Advanced Mates
• Mechanical Mates
• Smart Mates
• Mate Reference
• Replacing The Assembly Components
• Rotating A Component
• Moving Components
• Detecting Interference
• Assembly Pattern
• Assembly Mirror
• Creating Exploded View
• Physical Simulation
• Top Down Design
• Assembly Performance
• Configuration In Assembly
• Smart Components
• Smart Fasteners


• Introduction Of Drawing
• Need & Importance Of Drawing
• Starting The Drawing Workbench
• Defining The Sheet & Sizes
• Adjusting Of Drawing Sheet According To Object/Assembly
• Types Of Projection
• Using Predefined Drawing Styles
• Scaling The Drafted View


• Creating Drawing From Part Or Assembly
• Creating A New Drawing Document
• Generating Standard Views
• Derived Views
• Creating Broken Views
• Working With Assembly Specific View
• Drawing View Properties
• Manipulating Views


• Creating Dimensions
• Creating Model Dimension
• Creating Auto Dimension
• Dim-Xpert
• Creating Smart Dimension
• Creating Ordinate Dimension
• Creating Chamfer Dimension


• Converting Files For Transferring
• Converting Into IGES, STEP,PARASOLID Etc.
• Convert Into Jpeg, Mpeg, Tiff, Pdf Files


• Creating Surface features
• Creating Extrude features
• Creating Revolved Surface
• Creating Swept Surface
• Creating Lofted Feature
• Boundary Surface
• Creating Planar Surface
• Creating Offset Surface
• Creating a Radiate Surface
• Extending a Surface
• Creating Surface Fill
• Creating Ruled Surfaces
• Trimming Surface
• Creating Mid- Surface
• Replacing faces
• Deleting Faces
• Un-Trimming Surface
• Creating Knit Surface
• Thickening a Surface
• Move Faces


• Fundamentals Concepts of sheet metal design in the SolidWorks
• Using sheet metal Tools
• Creating Base Flange
• Creating Edge Flange
• Creating Miter Flange
• Creating Hem
• Creating Log
• Creating Break Corner/Corner-Trim
• Creating Closed Corners
• Creating Rip
• Creating Sketched Bend
• Creating Unfold/Fold
• Flattening Sheet Metal Bends
• Forming Tools
• Cross Break
• Welded Corner
• Inserting Corner Trim
• Creating Lofted Bends
• Creating Sheet Metal part by converting a Solid Body

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Student Feedback:

Solidworks Training in Noida
Reviewed by
ayush tayagi
CETPA INFOTECH is one of the best institute in Noida for Solidworks Training. I have learned a lot about Solidworks from here which helped me to grow in my career. Thanks CETPA!

5/5 5 Star Rating:Excellent

Solidworks Training Institute in Noida
Reviewed by
This the best place for Solidworks Training in Noida. Each and every concept is explained clearly with details. Great experience. Faculty is very talented. Loved it.

4/5 4 Star Rating:Excellent

Solidworks Training Course in Noida
Reviewed by
Nadeem Raza
This is the best company for Solidworks Training I have ever seen. I really appreciate the teaching methodologies of trainers here. The way they teach concepts is incredible. Recommended for everyone who wants to learn Solidworks.

4/5 4 Star Rating:Excellent

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